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Okay so I'm 18 right now and I am crazy

Okay so I'm 18 right now and I am crazy in love with this girl. I met her sophomore year in high school and I fell in love with her instantly. Problem is that she likes this other guy and went out with him for about 2 months and broke up in the summer and she came to me for a shoulder to lean on. We started talking and she told me she liked me but she wasn't ready for a relationship so I was gonna wait till junior year started to ask her out but then I always saw her with her ex everyday and it was heartbreaking. I couldn't stand watching them but everyday it hurt more. I liked her the whole year but she kept friendzoning me but I didn't give up. Then they went out again senior year and I'm still her best friend. I always make sure I talk to her everyday and that I was always there for her. I tell her she's pretty everyday and her boyfriend isn't exactly a good boyfriend since he moved to Oklahoma to study. I still love her and I would do anything to make her mine. I still have hope
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