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Lame question i agree.. But anyways here we go

Lame question i agree.. But anyways here we go, so I have been with my guy for almost 2 years and i have pretty much let myself go, in a way. he still loves me lol an tells me i'm beautiful, thats sweet hes a good guy an likes a all natural kinda gal example natural hair color an very lil to no makeup an good hygiene, Not dirty hippy an hairy all natural lol.. but anyways back to where I was going, Just for my own self and for him as well i just feel like a do over with myself would be nice an refreshing a new year is coming up, i am grungy haven't gotten a haircut in over a year ( last person who cut it gave me ptsd, seriously took all my hair down to 1 inch pixie when i asked for a bob, was horrible!!) so theirs that an i have put on 10 lbs D= which isn't to bad but i am 5 foot an a half an curvy so i have a mega badonkadonk and now gettin a belly, an diet an exercise sound easy but its really not my hormones r out of wack! dc said my bmi was fine but still i feel like a fatty anyways if someone has a suggestion for a makeover hair clothes or makeup stuff just something uplifting an refreshing i'd like to get back to feeling semi girl-ish, feeling like a caveman these days :(
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