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I have a best guy friend. He knows

I have a best guy friend. He knows Im gay. He is cool with it. He always stands up for me when guys try to pick on me. He has always been sweet and never hated on the LBGT. Till today.

I have a friend who's a girl and shes bisexual. My guy friend and her met. They got along well. When my girl friend and I were along she told me she has a crush on my best guy friend. I want it them to date. So I ask my best guy friend what he thought of her. She was there with us. He said shes cute. So she asked him out on a date. He was happy about it and he said sure. He said I thought you (the girl) said you were a lesbian. She laughed and said no im bisexual.

He just grinned and said your "BISEXUAL". She asked him what does that mean? He just laughed. Then he said never mine. Im not going on a date with a so called "BISEXUAL" girl. Then the girl and I starting argueing with him. He started saying all this bad stuff about bisexuals. Then after the fight we ignored him for the rest of the day. My girl friend was crying.

I am surpised. I knew him for 7 years. Hes the first guy I came out too. He never judged me. Then today he shows his first signs of being homophobic. I want my 2 best friends to get along but he hates her because shes bisexual and she hates him for close minded. What should I do?
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